A Cap Villas Guide to Top Marques Monaco 2024

A Cap Villas Guide to Top Marques Monaco 2024

What is the Top Marques event in Monaco?

Top Marques Monaco is an annual luxury car show held in Monaco, showcasing high-end automobiles, supercars, and other luxury items such as yachts, watches, and jewelry. First inaugurated in 2004, this highly-anticipated Monaco event has since become one of the most prestigious and exclusive automobile shows in the world, attracting a wealthy clientele. Held at the Grimaldi Forum in the heart of Monaco, Top Marques also serves as a platform for launching new luxury car models, prototypes, and technologies. Several high-end manufacturers choose to debut their latest innovations and designs at Top Marques.

When is Top Marques Monaco usually held?

The next annual Top Marques event will be held June 5-9, 2024.

Where is Top Marques Monaco held?

Top Marques is held at the prestigious Grimaldi Forum, located at 10 Av. Princesse Grâce, 98000 Monaco. This state-of-the-art conference and exhibition centre is located on the seafront of Monaco, Monte Carlo and offers stunning views from its sprawling terraces.

Can visitors test drive cars at Top Marques Monaco?

Yes, Top Marques Monaco offers a unique opportunity for visitors to test drive some of the world’s most exclusive and newest technologies and car models on the local streets of Monaco. This service is subject to certain conditions and availability.

Is Top Marques Monaco open to the general public?

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Yes, Top Marques is open to the public, and tickets can be purchased for entry either at the entrance of the venue or online. VIP packages are also available for a more exclusive experience.

How can I purchase tickets for Top Marques Monaco?

Tickets for Top Marques Monaco can be purchased through the event’s official website or at the venue, depending on availability.
Learn more about purchasing Top Marques tickets online here.

Is Top Marques Monaco an annual event?

Yes, the upcoming event marks the 19th annual Top Marques, continuing a prestigious tradition that began with its inaugural event in Monaco in 2004.

What kind of cars can be seen at Top Marques Monaco?

Visitors to Top Marques can expect to see an impressive display of automotive excellence, featuring a range of luxury vehicles including supercars, hypercars, limited edition models, and futuristic concept cars from top manufacturers. This prestigious event stands at the forefront of automotive technology and style, showcasing trendsetting designs and innovations. Past events have displayed such marvels as the McLaren P1, a groundbreaking hypercar known for its hybrid technology and incredible performance, and the Bugatti Chiron, renowned for its unparalleled speed and luxury. Top Marques has also hosted the unveiling of unique concept cars such as the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio, which offers a glimpse into the future of supercar design with its advanced electric powertrain and innovative use of materials.

Are there any other attractions at Top Marques Monaco besides cars?

Yes, in addition to high-end cars, Top Marques in Monaco features luxury yachts, helicopters, private jets, exclusive watches, jewelry, and other luxury lifestyle products.

Do car manufacturers launch new models at Top Marques Monaco?

Yes, Top Marques is chosen by many car manufacturers to unveil their latest models, technologies and concepts to the public and press, making it a significant event for car enthusiasts.

What rental villas can Cap Villas recommend near the Top Marques event in Monaco?


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Villa Gioia is a beautiful, 4 bedroom villa located within walking distance to Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. A top choice for attendees or participants of the Top Marques event, this villa features luxurious amenities such as a ‘grotto’ styled spa with a hammam, sauna and jacuzzi, a fitness area with a sea view and two swimming pools.


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Villa Coco is a breathtaking contemporary villa located on the waterfront of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. Only 15 minutes via speed boat to Monaco, this spectacular 7 bedroom luxury villa features a wide variety of extra amenities for guests wishing to wind down after a long day spent at Top Marques in Monaco. This villa includes 2 jacuzzi’s, an impressive indoor gym with a heated exercise pool and a spa area with a hammam and sauna.

For more information about luxury villas for rent around Monaco, contact the rental experts of Cap Villas.

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