Château Saint Jean: a regal property in St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

Château Saint Jean: a regal property in St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

What is Château Saint Jean in St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat?

Château Saint Jean, originally known as Château Wedekind in honor of its first owner who commissioned the building of the property, Carlo Wedekind, stands as a majestic neo-Gothic-style villa located along the exclusive waterfront of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. Situated on an impressive 10,000m² plot in Cap Ferrat, the estate boasts a grand hall of 200m² adorned with marble staircases, painted ceilings, and stunning sculptures befitting a French château. The lavish nature of this property is enhanced by an artificial lake, a manicured park, and a private port complete with a boat shed. Orchestrated by the skilled architect Charles Bermond, this Venetian neo-Gothic château plays an important role in the history and culture of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.

When was Château Saint Jean constructed?

Château Saint Jean was constructed as a lavish residence for owner Carlo Wedekind in 1899.

Who was the principal architect of Château Saint Jean in Cap Ferrat?

The principal architect behind the creation of Château Saint Jean in Cap Ferrat was Charles Bermond. His architectural ability is evident in the magnificent and distinctive Venetian neo-Gothic style that he envisioned for this grand property in Cap Ferrat.

Who was the original owner of Château Saint Jean in St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat?

The original owner and individual who commissioned the construction of the exquisite Château Saint Jean was the Italian-German banker Carlo Wedekind.

What notable features or amenities distinguish Château de St Jean Cap Ferrat?

Château Saint Jean in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat boasts a remarkable set of features and amenities that distinguish it from other estates in the area. Its artificial lake enhances its outdoor area and adds to its uniqueness. One of its opulent bathrooms features an extra-large bathtub measuring an impressive 1.60 meters in depth and three meters in length. This colossal bathtub is complemented by large windows adorned with stained glass, reminiscent of the château’s original design, which included large stained glass windows—a rare and impressive element for properties of its time. Another distinctive feature of Château Saint Jean is its private port and harbor, providing a luxurious arrival experience for guests arriving by boat.

Is Château Saint Jean associated with any royal figures?

Yes, Château Saint Jean has hosted a variety of royal figures, both as owners and guests, over the decades. Hungarian Princess Wilma Iwoff de Parlagny acquired the château in 1909 and renamed the property Château Saint Jean. The princess was married to Russian Prince Evgeny Georgyevich Lvov and took pleasure in painting portraits of prestigious royal figures, including the Prince of Wales.

What is an interesting fact about Château Saint Jean?

During her time residing at Château Saint Jean in Cap Ferrat, Princess Wilma Iwoff de Parlagny had a variety of pets that would accompany her during her daytime strolls on the property. One notable pet of the princess was a lion cub named Goldfleck.

Who have been proprietors of Château Saint Jean in Cap Ferrat throughout the years?

The original owner of Château Saint Jean in Cap Ferrat was the European banker Carlo Wedekind. Later, Hungarian Princess Wilma Iwoff de Parlagny acquired the property as her primary residence in 1909. Following the Second World War, the estate was purchased by Gloria Thompson, who then renamed the property Château Gloria. The subsequent owner was Rosemarie Kanzler, a Swiss-born woman considered one of the world’s wealthiest and most glamorous individuals of her time. Her social circle included numerous celebrities and royals, such as Grace Kelly.

How does Château Saint Jean in Cap Ferrat compare to other estates in Cap Ferrat in terms of architecture?

Château Saint Jean in Cap Ferrat stands out as a rare gem among estates in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat on the French Riviera. It is very distinctive thanks to its Venetian neo-Gothic architectural style, a particular design that sets it apart from the more common architectural trends of its time. While many estates in Cap Ferrat showcase traditional Mediterranean or French Riviera styles, Château Saint Jean’s Venetian neo-Gothic design distinguishes itself from the norms of the period, making it an architectural and historical rarity in Cap Ferrat.

Is Château Saint Jean in the South of France currently for sale or rent?

No, Château Saint Jean is not currently for rent or for sale.

Are there luxury villas for rent in Cap Ferrat?

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Yes, from stunning waterfront estates to flawless contemporary gems, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is home to a selection of top luxury villas for rent. Cap Villas hosts a wide range of villas for rent in Cap Ferrat, including:

Villa Coco: an ultra-contemporary marvel

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Villa Coco is a striking, ultra-contemporary villa located on the seafront of Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat. This 7 bedroom luxury rental villa features an indoor exercise pool with a lavishly equipped gym and spa, along with a professional kitchen, while the lowest level houses a walk-in wine cellar. Outdoor amenities include a heated pool, pool house, lush garden, fire pit, jacuzzi, and a funicular. This fully-staffed villa offers all the amenities required for a beautiful holiday in Cap Ferrat.

Villa Bella Luna: an elegant oasis

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Bella Luna is an ultra-luxurious rental villa located in an exclusive residential area of Cap Ferrat. With direct private access to the sea, this waterfront property offers opulent amenities, including a fitness & spa area, cinema room, and a lavish wine cellar. Nestled within manicured gardens spanning 4,000 m2, the fully-staffed, 3-story villa presents breathtaking panoramic views of the Mediterranean sea and also features a 24 metre heated swimming pool..

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