Speaking with Experts – Investing in properties on the French Riviera

Speaking with Experts – Investing in properties on the French Riviera

Return on investment is a key element to why investors are keen to look into property. Letting out a property which is in a sought-after destination can be the ideal way to ensure your investment keeps giving back. Experts in luxury villa rentals Emilia Jedamska, Owner and Director of St Tropez House and Cap Villas for over a decade, offers her expert insight into 2022 trends in real estate along the French Riviera and highlights the important factors which potential buyers should consider when looking for the perfect villa to buy for let.

What are the trends you are noticing this season with your clients and villa owners?

This season clients are seeking, more than ever before, a personalised service when renting their villa. Requests for private chefs, butlers and drivers have never been higher. We are receiving an increasing number of requests for a more all-inclusive experience – with helicopter transfers organised and rental cars waiting for clients at their doorstep.

We have also noticed a trend for more open and green spaces in rental properties.

How has the Covid pandemic affected the rental market on the French Riviera?

The pandemic has affected the villa rental market in a very positive way. The obvious reasons being that fewer people are keen to book a hotel; they prefer privacy, a private pool, dedicated staff and exclusive use of the property. Due to Covid, anything ‘shared’ has become less appealing.

Villa for rent in Villefranche Sur Mer


What are the most important pieces of advice you would give to someone investing in a property to let?

  • Speak to an experienced rental agent who is able to assess the rental potential of the property before you buy
  • Customise the villa experience – the days of bland modern villas with generic art are over – use local art, seek advice from an experienced interior designer, underline local charm rather than downplay it with overly sleek modern designs


What are the key amenities clients look for when renting a villa?

The key amenities our guests ask for include: fully equipped fitness areas, professional kitchens to compliment normal kitchens (so private chefs can work in the background without disturbing guests), fiber internet (of utmost importance as all families use it for work, entertainment and socialising), Smart TVs and heated pools – despite warm weather pools can still be too cold even in summer months. The majority of our clients are families with small children, therefore any extra amenities for children are appreciated (baby beds, high chairs, extra games, play areas, outdoor swings or slides etc).

Villa for rent in Cap Ferrat with gym fitness area

What types of properties are the most sought after on the French Riviera?

The most sought after properties are independent villas with as much land as possible due to the fact that garden space is in high demand now. Properties with private pools, and easy access to local towns or those which are located on traffic-free and/or good quality roads are also sought after for clients wanting to enjoy the thrill of their supercars.

What are the most sought-after areas in Saint Tropez to buy a property?

The most sought after properties in Saint Tropez are split between two main areas:

  • Properties located in private domains due to their increased security. Such domains include Les Parcs, Cap Tahiti and Capilla. Read more about these domains on the St Tropez House Blog
  • Properties located within close proximity to St Tropez centre and Pampelonne beach. This allows guests easy access to top beach clubs and in most cases a lovely sea view from their villa. Read more about the areas of Pampelonne.


Why do owners choose to work with rental specialists to book their properties?

Contact Emilia Jedamska of Cap VillasAny owner who has experienced renting their property directly will know firsthand that there is much more to renting a property than signing a contract. There are several components to renting a luxury villa which are time consuming and complicated if not dealt with properly.

Rental agents who have a relationship with their clients and understand their criteria are able to match a villa to their client effortlessly. It is our job to build a relationship with each of our clients and know what they need; who is the guest party composed of, is the rental for a corporate event, will they be a group of friends or families? Agents must ask the right questions to learn what clients enjoy doing and what their interests are in order to advise on the best locations to suit them. Sometimes villas which look close to preferred venues on the map can actually be located on clogged up roads, near noisy roads etc. When working with an expert agent, clients significantly minimise any unpleasant surprises.

Rental experts also perform final checks of the properties and run them through bullet proof checklists. It is better safe than sorry and we much prefer to preempt any potential issues than receive client complaints.

Other services an agent will provide include: the handling of check in’s and check out’s, any pre-arrival requests, organisation of transport (via helicopter or van transfer), car rentals, security guards and the hiring of extra staff.

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