Investing in properties on the French Riviera – Industry experts weigh in on 2021 trends

Investing in properties on the French Riviera – Industry experts weigh in on 2021 trends

When purchasing a new property, it can be quite the consuming task to embark on its interior design. There are so many elements to consider that many owners choose to employ the services of an expert who is able to bring their vision and style to life.

We have asked the experts at Luxoria, an Interior Architecture & Design firm based in Monaco, to offer their insight into interior design when investing in a property in the South of France.

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What tips would you give owners wanting to increase the value and allure of their property in the South of France?
I would suggest that they remain coherent in their styling throughout. That the property fulfils its potential by making sure that there is a flow between the different spaces in the home whether that be interior and/or exterior spaces. We are fortunate to have such amazing weather here, don’t neglect your outdoor spaces. Part of the charm of the French Riviera is its many beautiful gardens and terraces. Additionally, investing in a high quality kitchen is always worth it, this space is the centre of most French homes, so it should feel important.

What are the benefits of hiring an interior designer in comparison to ‘do-it-yourself’?

Interior designers approach the project with a set of fresh eyes and ideas. They are generally up to date on styles and trends that are worth pursuing. As a result, they know how to mix textures and finishes in a way which is effortless and timeless. We also deal with the administrative work, delivery deadlines and full installation. Essentially we take the hassle out of this endeavour and deliver a refined vision to the client.

What is the role of interior design in influencing the potential buyer to purchase or not to purchase a property?

To give the client a realistic input on what is possible and what isn’t. We explore the potential of the given space. The interior designer will also be able to give an idea of the budget involved which often is important. This way the client knows what should be expected if they wish to undertake such a venture.

Do fashion trends influence interior design on the Cote d’Azur?

Fashion and interior design go hand in hand. What we have seen on the runway these past seasons is more colour and more abstract designs. You could say that this is reflected in the various interiors where colour plays a more important role than before and there are more eclectic combinations than before. It is important to have an interior designer on hand to navigate one through what is simply a fleeting trend and something that is timelessly stylish.

What style/colour palette would you go for if you were doing an interior design project for a villa in St Tropez in 2021?

St Tropez has an undeniable connotation with beach life and it’s beautiful and charming to incorporate that in any interior design project for a villa in the area. I would opt for a softer palette but with colour. Despite a softer palette the colours can be given a romantic background by using greyish undertones to bring out more character. Natural elements such as sisal and linen are synonymous with this Boheme aesthetic made famous by the St Tropez jet-set.

What style/colour palette would you go for if you were doing an interior design project for a villa near Monaco in 2021?

Monaco apartments tend to be either modern or contemporary. It’s hard to give an exact colour palette for a project without having created a design for it. However for modern and contemporary projects we often go for a light colour palette to enhance the space and make it brighter. Colours vary from whites and greys to lighter tones of beige all depending.

What would you advise to clients renovating their property: Modern architecture or local Provençal style?

Those two styles tend to dominate the region. The local Provençal style tends to be more inland than coastal. Often the style is dictated by the property which is bought. As we all know there isn’t much land left on the French Riviera and most of our projects are renovation projects. However in order to combine both, people often go for a modern Provençal style which combines the two. This marriage between the new and traditional appeals to many clients because it offers them the idealised vision of Provençal life but with all the modern comforts they are used to.

What interior design styles do you see most on the French Riviera?

You tend to see more of the Provençal style and the modern style. People when purchasing on the French Riviera often favour the Provençal style as they are attracted to the region and France in general and they want this reflected in their homes. The Provençal style is incredibly romantic and evocative of this region, so it makes sense that this style proves to be so popular time and time again.

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