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Moving to France with a Pet

Moving to French Riviera with a PetThe old adage that a dog is a man’s best friend may be true for many of you looking at property for sale South of France, and it will, therefore, be unthinkable that you make the move without your beloved pet. But this should not present any problems for those of you hunting for your perfect

property for sale St Tropez,

for example, as long as you do not intend moving over a whole menagerie of animals.  French customs regulations stipulate that anyone entering France may bring up to three dogs or cats – but only one puppy or kitten from 3-6 months old – without seeking prior permission. Those searching for their dream property for sale South of France who would like to bring their horses with them to take advantage of the wonderful Provencal countryside – or more than three smaller animals – will need to get special permission from the French Ministry of Agriculture. The present requirements for bringing a pet into France are:

  • Rabies vaccination certificate (dating between one month and one year).
  • A health certificate from the departing country dated no more than 5 days before entry into France.
  • France regulation requires pet identification to be tattooed or micro-chipped.
  • A registered vet must sign both certificates.

Once you have signed on your property for sale South France and arrived in the country with your animals in tow, you must find a local French vet who will give you a health record booklet called a Livret International de Santé. The vet will also update any vaccinations necessary to French regulations. If you decide to return to the UK with your pet, you must make sure you get an official export certificate under the government’s Pets Travel Scheme (PETS). A government-authorised vet must also give your pet a rabies vaccination and a blood test six months later to check it is protected against the disease. Finally ,those travelling back to the UK with pets must make sure they have a renewal certificate for each booster injection given as well as a certificate that the animal has been treated against ticks and tapeworm up to 48 hours before you depart.

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