South Of France Helicopter Transfer: Nice Airport To Your Door

South Of France Helicopter Transfer: Nice Airport To Your Door

Nice airport is the go-to destination for Côte d’Azur travellers, but with traffic being unpredictable and no direct train links, the best way to travel is by helicopter transfer. Nice has ultra-convenient, ultra-luxurious helicopter links all over the South of France and Monaco, but booking this mode of transport may seem a little unfamiliar to someone who has never done it before. Luckily, we’re here to help, with a guide of all the providers you can use, the places that you can go and how long each journey should take, and a cost estimate to get you started.

A simple guide to booking a helicopter transfer from Nice

Who to book a helicopter from Nice Airport
Helicopter Charter French Rivera

There are a multitude of companies that offer these airborne charters. The main ones include Azur Hélicoptère, Héli Sécurité and Air Charter Service, with many additional businesses, such as Monacair, focusing on offering helicopter transfers between Nice and Monaco. 


It’s up to you who to go with – the main things to look for are good reviews, the type of helicopters that are available (especially if you already know the helicopter model you want to fly in), whether they offer private or shared trips (depending on your preference) and what additional services they offer. For example, some companies will throw in luxurious extras, such as a chauffeur service to pick you up and help you through the boarding process.


Where can you fly and how long is the journey?

Typical destinations include Cannes, Monaco, St Tropez, Villefranche, Marseille and Montpellier. However, the sky is the limit, with companies such as Air Charter Service promising helicopter trips to any destination including remote areas and city centres. Helicopters are flexible in that they can take you directly, and in high levels of luxury, to helipads, hotels and even private properties. All that’s needed is the space to land!

Many companies offer transfers from Nice which take the scenic route, perfect for those who have the leisure to spend more time in the air. However, the most direct flight times are as follows:

Nice to Cannes – 7 minutes
Nice to Monaco – 7 minutes
Nice to St Tropez – 20 minutes

Of course, if even a 7-minute journey sounds too long, why not buy a villa near Nice airport and enjoy even faster access to the beautiful French Riviera? There are so many stunning properties available in this part of the world.

How much should you expect to pay for your helicopter transfer?

This really depends on the distance covered by your transfer from Nice! For the shortest journeys, you can expect to pay anything from €160 per trip, whereas a 20-minute trip is accessible from €350.

Although this is more than you would pay using a taxi, it is important to recognise the time you save riding by helicopter. Nice to Cannes is an hour by road, while Nice to St Tropez is nearly two hours – time that is better spent relaxing and enjoying your time on the Côte d’Azur!

A helicopter transfer from Nice is the ultimate way to travel, allowing you to arrive refreshed and relaxed at your destination. We hope this guide has given you what you need to book your first charter.

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