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Top 4 Villas for Rent on Cap Ferrat

With its splendid ocean views, rich culture, and extraordinary safety, Cap Ferrat is the dream location of anyone looking for a French Riviera villa rental. Situated between Nice and Monaco, it offers excellent connections to both airports and railways, all while enjoying the seclusion and exclusivity that lies at the heart of Cap Ferrat’s charm.

Cap Villas offers a variety of the finest villas for rent on Cap Ferrat. Whether you are looking for scenic gardens, or panoramic vistas, there is the right luxury property for every taste.

1. Villa Antonio

This magnificent 5-bedroom villa is near the iconic Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat and offers extensive views of the surroundings from its large terrace.

With regal furnishings and a large swimming pool, you can experience the atmosphere of this Provençale style building whilst enjoying modern amenities like a private garage and fully-equipped kitchen.

 2. Villa Lavender

For a more modern French Riviera villa rental, Villa Lavender features five bedrooms and is located in a quiet, residential area of Cap Ferrat, making it perfect for those looking for a quiet holiday for a large group.

With a beautiful landscaped garden leading onto the swimming pool with a view of the bay, you won’t want to leave the comforts of Villa Lavender. But should you choose to do so, the beach and Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat are only a short walk away.

 3. Villa Aster

Offering direct access to the exclusive beach Passable, this 6-bedroom villa stands out for its beautiful infinity pool surrounded by lush greenery. Villa Aster also provides the ultimate amenity in the form of a private sauna for the best spa experience.

It is almost impossible to avoid the scenic sea views in this charming villa on the French Riviera.

4. Villa Petal

This 5-bedroom villa for rent is minimalistic in style, ideal for contemporary living. Situated in the centre of Cap Ferrat, this villa is a stone’s throw away from the beach and Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat.

The stunning terrace features a decked area with a sea view and large heated swimming pool, making this the ideal French Riviera villa rental, whatever the season.

Once you have visited Cap Ferrat, you will understand what it is about this charming coastal spot that has made it into a prime spot for property rental, drawing in residents of royalty and celebrity alike, from Liz Taylor to King Leopold III.

To find out more about the unique villas for rent on Cap Ferrat, and other luxury properties available through Cap Villas, search our, or contact Emilia at [email protected] .


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