Villas that Cater to your every need – What to expect when renting a staffed villa

Villas that Cater to your every need – What to expect when renting a staffed villa

Who you can find in one of our villas with staff

Essential staff

House Manager

The house manager will see that the villa runs smoothly and try to anticipate any requests. They also supervise the rest of the household staff. They can organise dinner parties and events, manage household schedules, oversee the procurement of household goods, and more.


The butler will wait on you hand and foot, handling day-to-day household duties such as answering calls, greeting guests at the door, assisting in the planning of events, overseeing table settings, and serving drinks and food. They may also manage the property’s wine cellar (where applicable).


The chef will design delicious menus that suit your family’s taste buds, serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as any snacks as required. At the beginning of your stay at one of our villas with a private chef, they will speak to you and find out your likes and dislikes as well as any allergies or intolerances.


The maid will keep the villa in perfect condition at all times, cleaning up after you and ensuring the property stays just the way you like it. She may also attend to laundry, change linens, and do a turndown service each evening.


This is someone who will maintain the gardens, pool and general property and ensure excellent upkeep – they may be brought into our villas with staff only as needed.

Additional staff members

Our villas with staff may not come with the team members below, but your concierge will be more than happy to book them for you.


If you are travelling with children, you may require a nanny to take care of them. Our nannies will keep kids entertained with fun activities, help with homework, prepare bottles for young children, put them to bed and read to them, and generally assist with their daily routine, allowing you to fully relax.


Perhaps you wish to continue developing your child’s mind and furthering their education while on holiday. If so, a hired tutor could be a great way to ensure they continue learning and don’t forget anything while on break.


A chauffeur ensures you never have to worry about transport or driving yourself anywhere. With a personal chauffeur at your service, you can go anywhere in a moment’s notice.

Personal Trainer/Yoga Instructor

Some may feel that villas with staff are not complete without a fitness instructor. After all, many of our villas offer gyms and wellness areas. Having a personal trainer, yoga instructor, or any other kind of instructor onsite means you and your family can stay healthy and active while on holiday.


Having a lifeguard on duty means that you don’t have to worry about leaving children to play by the pool while you relax – with a trained professional watching them, they should be completely safe.

Of course, the above list is by no means extensive – whatever you need, just let us know and we will find a solution, Whether you require a villa with a private chef, a villa with a lifeguard, or every staff member imaginable, Cap Villas can arrange it. Contact our team of experts for more information.

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