2018 Looks set to be a Buyer’s Market on the Cote D’Azur, South of France

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2018 Looks set to be a Buyer’s Market on the Cote D’Azur, South of France

Low mortgages, lower taxes and an exceptional Reward – 2018 looks set to serve up a tasty cocktail of good news for investment in real estate in the South of France.

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As 2017, widely anticipated as the year that would herald the recovery for the global real estate market, draws to an end, news for 2018 from the French property market is that the trend looks set to continue. Thanks to several factors coming together in the final quarter of 2017, prospects particularly for investment in traditionally popular areas such as investment real estate on the French Riviera are bright. Cap Villas, specialists in the sale of real estate South of France, has already started to see increased sales. Globally, the buoyant mood with which the international real estate markets entered the year also extends to France. The French real estate market is booming thanks to the generous social safety net protecting domestic demand combined with limited reliance on exports shielding it from the worst effects of falling global demand. This has allowed France to in some sense ride out the storm as it now looks set for real growth.

buy investment home property french riviera The last quarter of 2018 especially has been somewhat of a cornucopia of good news for investors looking to buy a villa on the French Riviera. The year began well as France again topped International Living Magazine’s hugely influential Quality of Living poll as an attractive place to live. For many owners of French Riviera real estate, the South coast of France famous for incredible scenery, great nightlife, fantastic restaurants and the very essence of a bon vivant lifestyle this is only confirmation of what they already know. However the index which takes into account nine different categories such as cost of living, health, economy and infrastructure gathered from sources such as the World Health Organisation and The Economist, undoubtedly has an impact on high end property sales. 

buy investment home property french rivieraCombining such favourable conditions make French mortgages much more attractive, meaning sales figures for French Riviera real estate close out 2017 very much on the up. Cap Villas is advising high end investors in real estate, South of France to take advantage and secure their French Riviera real estate now. The French real estate market is serving up a heady cocktail of buyers’ delights being served up and those astute enough to take advantage could soon be drinking to their new property on the French Riviera.

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